ArtGraf No. 1 Kneadable Graphite Putty 150 g


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ArtGraf Kneadable Graphite Putty

Viarco ArtGraf kneadable graphite putty, is the most expressive way to use premium artist grade graphite. It is ideal for artists seeking to loosen up. Use this watersoluble graphite to create a diverse range of mark-making and blur the line between drawing and painting. ArtGraf No. 1 has the consistency of putty which allows the artist to mold its shape. Combined with water, ArtGraf No. 1 produces an endless range of light and dark shades of graphite. You can use this water-soluble graphite putty on dry or wet paper. Dry marks and light washes can be erased just like regular graphite.

This is the newest innovation from Art Graf by Viarco, high quality and unusual drawing supplies made by a family-owned Portuguese company since 1907. Viarco Artgraf produces a selection of water-soluble graphite and charcoal tools, among them a huge 250gm XL graphite stick, a graphite coin in a tin and a Carbon Disk.

Available in a 5 oz resealable pouch.

ArtGraf No. 1 Kneadable Graphite PuttyArtGraf Kneadable Graphite

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Viarco is a family-owned business located near Porto in northern Portugal. They have developed unique and proprietary blends of graphite, carbon and binders to produce some of the highest quality sketching materials available to artists today. Find out more about ArtGraf by Viarco here.

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