Today is Art Day Gifts

Today is Art Day Gifts

Making Art History More Fun!

At Today is Art Day, the objective has always been one and the same: to make art history more fun and more accessible. Whether it’s through their captivating content on social media, or through their inspiring line of products, being a conversation starter has always been the keystone of what they do.

We love nothing more than a “Did you know….?” or “Hey, did you hear that story about (insert famous painter or artwork here)?”. By revealing the intriguing world of art history in fun and interesting ways, they hope to launch discussions, debates, queries, and pique curiosity. They believe that art has a place in our daily lives, and that we are all the better for it.

Always driven by their motto to make art history more fun, they continue to innovate by creating unique products that will spark conversation at home or at the office. There’s always something fun and exciting in the works. Some might even say they have artist collectibles down to a fine-art.

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