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The Diplomat Aero BALLPOINT Pen

Smooth lines, a streamlined body. Feel the legacy of the Zeppelin and give height to your narratives with the Diplomat Aero Ballpoint pen.


  • Full aluminum casing
  • Matt chrome fittings
  • Anodized surface
  • Ball pen with a continuous twist mechanism
  • Ballpoint pen with a king-size refill easyFlow
  • Groove-like depressions on barrel and cap

Diplomat Aero ball pen

aero redaero ballpoint purpleblack orange aeroDiplomat Aero greenDiplomat Aero orange

The Diplomat KING-SIZE Ballpoint Pen EASYFLOW refills have a medium point and are available in black or blue ink. Fits Diplomat ballpoint pens, including the Aero ballpoint pens. EasyFlow, ink refills for ball pens, offers an incomparable writing smoothness.

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Behind every Diplomat pen, there is a user listening to their imagination, memories, talent, needs, and desires. Beyond words, we imagine the links woven between thoughts and paper, between people. It is this vision that drives Diplomat every time they conceive a new writing instrument. Diplomat connects you to the essentials.

About Diplomat Pen:

Made in Germany, DIPLOMAT writing instruments have been manufactured using traditional methods of craftsmanship since 1922.

It is the combination of an exceptional know how and high quality materials, that allows Diplomat pens to stand the test of time and anchor the link between generations.

Diplomat pens are all manufactured and manually tested, because no machine can replace the guidance and expertise of a passionate craftsman.

Diplomat choses metal as their manufacturing material. This is to ensure a perfect balance and impact resistance, in all of their pen ranges.

This high level manufacturing process, explains why DIPLOMAT writing instruments stand the test of time and continue to share your stories.


“Narratives of expeditions to the closest Turkestan falconer’s life, which make our spirit travel,

Some notes on a music score, that give life to sweet timeless melodies,

The imagination of an author which raises the one of its young readers,

Sketches linked to fabrics, whose alchemy creates our comfort,

The desire to transmit, share a certain idea of life…”

This is how Diplomat links the emotions of its users since 1922.

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Diplomat Aero Ballpoint Pens

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Orange FP, Orange RB, Orange BP, Red FP, Red RB, Red BP, Blue FP, Blue RB, Blue BP, Brown FP, Brown RB, Brown BP, Black FP, Black RB, Black BP, Matte Silver FP, Matte Silver RB, Matte Silver BP, Factory Silver FP, Factory Silver RB, Factory Silver BP, Matt Silver FP, Matt Silver RB, Matt Silver BP, Violet FP, Violet RB, Violet BP, Black Orange FP, Black Orange RB, Black Orange BP, Turquoise FP, Turquoise RB, Turquoise BP, Antique Rose FP, Antique Rose RB, Antique Rose BP, Grey FP, Grey RB, Grey BP, Green FP, Green RB, Green BP, Flame FP, Flame BP, Flame RB

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