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Monteverde Color Changer Solution

Use the Monteverde Color Changer to activate the colour changing quality of the New Monteverde Color Changing Inks. Explore nine beautiful colors waiting to showcase their hidden secret. Dive into a world of endless possibilities as your ink morphs from tranquil blue to passionate pink, or from red to yellow.

This innovative colorless liquid colour changer has been meticulously formulated to meet the exacting standards of fountain pen enthusiasts. Therefore is completely fountain pen safe! The Monteverde Ink Color Changer Solution enables effortless colour transitions like never before. Whether you choose to fill your fountain pen with the solution or employ a brush or dip pen, prepare to be captivated as the ink undergoes a breathtaking metamorphosis, revealing a palette of stunning hues before your very eyes.


  • 30 ml screw top, glass bottle

(Note: The Monteverde Color Changing Ink Collection is not responsible for any sudden bursts of creativity, spontaneous poetry, or uncontrollable whimsy that may occur while using this product. Enjoy responsibly!)

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