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Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolour Dusk Pink

Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolours are for artists for whom cost is a factor. Van Gogh Dusk Pink 373 is a granulating formulated with pigments PBk11 and PV19. It is semi-opaque, and has a lightfastness rating of ++ (25-100 years lightfast under museum conditions). When you first apply the paint, it seems like a regular watercolour, but you’ll quickly see the pigments bunch together while the paint dries. This effect offers some interesting spots and texture to an otherwise even coat of paint.


  • 10 ml


Van Gogh watercolours are rated as a student level paint range. They feature brilliant, transparent, and intense colours with a high tinting strength. Thanks to the purity and uniform viscosity, these water colours are easy to work with and easy to mix. Proudly produced in Holland with stringent quality control for a consistent experience with every purchase.

Most colours are rated with the highest degree of lightfastness +++ (100+ years under museum conditions) with a few colours rated just one step below at ++ (25 – 100 years under museum conditions). The lightfastness has been tested according to the ASTM norm D4303.

Van Gogh Watercolour Colour Chart

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Can I mix Watercolours with Ecoline Liquid Watercolors?

Ecoline and watercolour paint can be mixed without a problem, but whether this is wise depends on what you intend to do with the painting. Read more in Royal Talens’ blog: Differences between Ecoline and watercolours

Why are some colors easy to wash away after drying and other colours are not?

The fact that some colours remain on the paper and can only be partially washed away is due to the type of pigment (particle size) and/or the quality of the paper used. More about this in the Royal Talens’ blog: Differences in drying of watercolour colours

How can I create bleeding effects in my Watercolor?

The bleeding technique is similar to the wet into wet technique (wetting your paper first with water, or painting into a wet area of color). However, instead of laying your brush on the surface, let the color drip from above one into the next color.

Tip: To control the bleed area, pre-wet only where you want the color to go. Check out this video


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10 ml

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