SM101 Flake White Substitute Mussini Oil


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MUSSINI® Flake white substitute (10 101)

Flake white substitute is a replacement of the historical, but poisonous colour Chremnitz or lead white. Instead of lead white, MUSSINI® Flake white substitute contains a combination of the pigments titanium white and zinc white, formulated with safflower oil of a particularly pure and light quality as well as dammar resin. MUSSINI® Flake white substitute corresponds mainly to the historical colour both visually and in terms of painting technique and shows a slightly warm, semi-opaque white tone. Apart from its pure use, for example in portrait painting, it is also used to lighten colours without significantly changing their colour character. MUSSINI® Flake white substitute has a slightly lower opacity and brightening power than titanium white. When mixed with other oil colours, it also accelerates drying and stabilizes the film, like the historical Chremnitz white.

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