Rembrandt 303 Cadmium Red Light


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Royal Talens Rembrandt Oil Paint – Cadmium Red Light

Rembrandt Oil colour tube 40 ml  Cadmium Red Light 303.

Rembrandt oil paint has been developed through pure skill and artistic insight and is based on the best raw materials. These extra-fine quality oil colours have a uniform viscosity and are crafted with a high concentration of premium quality pigments that offer the highest degree of lightfastness.


  • 40 ml
  • 150 ml


  • Buttery oil paint with a pasty consistency for a clear brush stroke
  • Ground multiple times on a triple roller mill to create an artists’ quality fineness
  • Offers a uniform viscosity and the highest degrees of lightfastness
  • Available in 120 very pure and intense colours, including 57 mono-pigmented colours
  • Skillfully crafted in the Netherlands since 1899

About Rembrandt Whites:

Rembrandt offers a selection of whites with different properties and applications.

  • Zinc White: A semi-opaque cool white. Makes colours lighter without weakening the original colour. Available based on safflower oil (104) for the top layer and linseed oil (117) for lower layers.
  • Titanium White: An opaque, warm white. Great for toning down intense colours and creating opaque mixing shades. Available based on safflower oil (105) for the top layer and linseed oil (118) for lower layers.
  • Mixed White: A neutral white. Contains both zinc and titanium pigments. Based on safflower oil.
  • Transparent White: A transparent white. Lightens transparent colours, great for glazing techniques. Based on safflower oil.
  • Pearl White: A transparent white that adds an iridescent sheen. Works best when mixed with transparent colours. Based on safflower oil.

Linseed vs. safflower oil

Besides the pigments used, the binder also impacts the paint’s properties. As linseed oil shows some yellowing over time, it is sometimes replaced by safflower oil, particularly for white paint. Safflower oil is less yellowing, so it is great for use in the top layers of your painting, but it dries more slowly. Safflower oil is therefore less suitable for thickly painted areas or lower paint layers. For the lower layers, we recommend using a white based on linseed oil.

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Size ml

40 ml

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