HF014 Quinacridone Red High Flow

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Golden High Flow Acrylic Quinacridone Red

Using a warmer variation of the pigment in Quinacridone Violet, Golden High Flow Acrylic Quinacridone Red reveals more magenta in tints and is, like all Golden “Quins” an excellent glazing color.

This acrylic paint features an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques. While it acts like an ink, it’s an acrylic so it’s compatible with other GOLDEN Acrylic colors and mediums.

From fine line detail work to broad strokes, this High Flow acrylic paint is suitable for many different applications including calligraphy, mixed media, airbrush, refillable markers, technical pens and brushes. Designed especially for artists who want to achieve fine line detail, standing effects and level colors.


  • Squeeze bottles allow for easy, measured application
  • High-quality pigment
  • 100% acrylic polymer dispersion
  • Very thin, ink-like acrylic colors
  • Great for washes, drips, pours and glazes
  • Use in pens, markers and airbrush

Color Details:

Pigment Classification : Organic

Pigment Name : PV 19
Color Index Number : 73900
Chemical Description : Quinacridone
Opacity/Transparency : N/A
Lightfastness Rating : I
Permanency : Excellent
Munsell Notation Listing : N/A
Gloss Average : N/A
Viscosity Range : 75-100 CPS
CIE L*a*b* Values : N/A
Tint Strength : N/A

Additional information

High Flow Sizes

1 oz.

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