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Gamblin Radiant White

A good choice where the color white is critical, Gamblin Radiant White formulated for painters who want a “refrigerator white” white. Same tinting strength and opacity as Titanium White. Excellent for abstract paintings. Bright and opaque Titanium Dioxide is bound with safflower oil, the clearest oil binder. Because safflower oil is almost colorless, the bright white of the Titanium pigment shows through.

Slow drying white

For painters that wish to work wet into wet, or otherwise desire more open time without using mediums, we recommend using Radiant White. Radiant White is not modified in any way to be slow drying. It is just naturally the slowest drying white in Gamblin’s range, at about five days in thin layers.


Gamblin’s softest white oil colors are Radiant White and 1980 Titanium White. Without modification, they are the most brushable – meaning these colors have the least amount of resistance under the brush or painting knife.

radiant white

Want to learn more about selecting the perfect white oil color? Check out Gamblin’s article Getting the White Right! 


  • Pigment: Titanium Dioxide (PW6)
  • Vehicle: Safflower oil
  • Lightfastness: I
  • Series: 2
  • Opacity: OPAQUE
  • Dry Time: Approx. 5 days

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