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Originally made with Buckthorn berries native to the near east, but cultivated in Europe since Roman times. The ripe berries make a pink dye, while the unripe berries produce a yellow juice or sap used as a dye and to make a yellow Sap Green pigment. Our blend is a more lightfast version of this historical color.

Pigment Classification: Mixture
Color Index Name: PR 101 / PY 150 / PG 36 / PBk 7
Color Index Number: 77491 / 12764 / 74265 / 77266
Chemical Description: Synthetic Iron Oxide Nickel Complex Azo Brominated and Chlorinated Copper Phthalocyanine Amorphous Carbon
Opacity/Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Lightfastness Rating: I
Permanency: Excellent
Munsell Notation Listing: Hue .75 G Value 2.75 Chroma 1.2
Gloss Average: 82
Viscosity Range: 4000-15000 CPS
CIE L*a*b* Values: L*27.81 a*-3.43 b*1.30
Tint Strength: 80.9

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