ENK72 Enkaustikos Hot Stick Midtone Gray


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Opaque, mid-toned grey with a hint towards blue. Midtone Gray has a lot of power. It is like a chameleon. It can look yellowish next to purples, reddish next to greens, bluish next to oranges. This optical effect is enhanced because we used the primaries to make this color. Midtone Gray is a convenience color for your palette. It is opaque and because our eyes can detect the smallest shifts in colors, you will see it has a reddish violet undertone with a bluish green mass tone. We hope you will enjoy painting with Midtone Gray and look forward to seeing the great results you accomplish with it.

Pigment:PB29/PW6/PR112/PY184, Titanium Dioxide Rutiile, Comples Silicate of Sodium & Aluminum w/ Sulfur, Napthols AS-D, Bismuth Vandate Yellow


Lightfastness: I

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