ENK66 Enkaustikos Hot Stick Naples Yellow Hue


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Our Naples Yellow Hue is a composite of pigments specifically created to address the needs of the artist who like to work with a Naples Yellow and also enjoy the convenience of not having to mix their own. If you look at Naples Yellow paints in oils and other encaustic manufacturers, you will see there is a range from the palest muted yellows to deep yellows with a slight orange note. Since we already manufacture several pale yellows, we wanted to provide you with a deeper yellow with the slightest burnt orange cast. Our Naples Yellow Hue is a sophisticated color, great for the historical palette, and also for the artist that likes to work with a ®blonde® palette evocative of the light in summer.

Pigment:PW6/PBr24/PY53, Titanium Dioxide Rutile, Nickel & Chrome Antimony Titanium Rutile

Opacity: Semi-Transparent

Lightfastness: I

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