ENK39 Enkaustikos Hot Stick Phthalo Green BS


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Phthalo Green Blue Shade is a single pigment paint. All Phthalo pigments have and extremely high tinting strength. In mass tone they are extremely dark in value, often overlooked on the shelf since they appear black. They are also highly transparent in nature. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for extending with wax medium for glazing techniques. When used for mixing other colors, only a small amount is needed, as that is indicative of most modern pigments. Phthalo Green Blue Shade is a good choice for making turquoise shades. Phthalo Green Blue Shade is also a great paint to use in print making due to the strong staining properties of this pigment.

Pigment: PG7, Copper Phthalocyanine

Opacity: Transparent

Lightfastness: I

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