ENK37 Enkaustikos Hot Stick Cobalt Aqua


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Cobalt Aqua is a single pigment paint, it is semi transparent, with moderate tinting strength. Cobalt Aqua is considered a green in the pigment family of Cobalt, and is reminiscent of the southern seas. It is a beautiful bright mid toned color that has enough of a blue cast to be considered a light turquoise or teal. This pigment, when used to make other types of paints such as oils, acrylic or watercolor is often named Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Turquoise Light, and Cobalt Teal Bright. Cobalt Aqua is a unique color to Enkaustikos® and is one of our best sellers.

Pigment: PG50, Cobalt Titinate Green

Opacity: Opaque

Lightfastness: I

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