DU046 Duo Cadmium Green Hue


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Holbein Duo Aqua Water-soluble Oil – Cadmium Green Hue

Holbein Duo Aqua oil paints are artist grade colors suspended in a water soluble cold pressed linseed oil. Available in 40ml tubes. Duo Aqua Oil paint can be thinned and cleaned with water and no toxic solvents are needed for painting or cleaning. Holbein Duo Aqua Oil is compatible with all media including traditional oil paint, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, acrylic gouache and encaustics. These water-soluble oil paints offer excellent Lightfastness ratings, similar to that of traditional oil colors.

When mixing Holbein Duo Aqua Oils with traditional oil color, water solubility will be lost when exceeding 30% traditional oil color in the mixture.


Lightfastness: *** Permanent

Opacity: Opaque

Pigments: PY14, PB15, PY53

Size: 40 ml tube

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Holbein Duo Oil is also available in sets.

DU246 Green Disazo Pigment, Nickel-Antimony Titanate, Copper Phthalocyanine A *** 21095, 74160, 77788 PY14, PB15, PY53. Opaque.

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