DS160 Neutral Tint

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Daniel Smith 15 ml Watercolour Neutral Tint

Create rich darks and neutrals with this fabulous and unique, dark neutral pigment that when mixed with any watercolor pigment produces glowing, darker values of that color.

Professional teaching artists asked if DANIEL SMITH could develop a new dark watercolor pigment, so that seasoned watercolourists as well as beginners, could easily mix visually pleasing, colorful, clean darks.  DANIEL SMITH’s new Neutral Tint is just what they had been hoping for.  Features and benefits: Quick and reliable way to darken a color while retaining transparency. Produces gorgeous glowing darks rather than muddy colors. Tones down colors.

Pigment: PBk 6, PV 19, PB 15 | Series: 1Lightfastness: I – ExcellentTransparency: Semi-TransparentStaining: 2-Low StainingGranulation: Non-Granulating

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