DS061 Rose of Ultramarine


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Daniel  Smith 15 ml Watercolour Rose of Ultramarine

Daniel Smith Watercolor Rose of Ultramarine is an exciting blend of Quinacridone Rose and Ultramarine Blue. The blue settles as the rose floats, creating a vibrant, dimensional purple. For those artist artists who always mix their own purples, this unique, otherwise unattainable separation is worth exploring. Juxtapose Rose of Ultramarine with pure Phthalo Blue for fun and effect.


Size: 15 ml tubePigment: PB 29, PV 19 | Series: 1Lightfastness: I – ExcellentTransparency: TransparentStaining: 3 – Medium StainingGranulation: Granulating

SKU: 284600101

Daniel  Smith 15 ml Watercolour Rose of Ultramarine

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