Stoneground Chinook Salmon Watercolour


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Stoneground Chinook Salmon Watercolour Half Pan

Now available in a watercolour pan, Stoneground Chinook Salmon has quickly become one of Stoneground’s most popular colours. This hue performs beautifully in florals, landscapes, and still life work.

Artist Notes:  This warm coral hue is useful on its own and mixes well with other colours to easily adjust the tones of other reds and yellows.

Paint Maker’s Notes:  Chinook Salmon is a combination of Hansa Yellow Deep (PY 65), Naphthol Red (PR 170), and Titanium White (PW 6) pigments.

Colour Details:

  • Transparency:  Semi-Transparent
  • Staining:  Semi-Staining
  • Granularity:  Non-Granular
  • Pigment Number:  PY 65 + PR 170 + PW 6
  • Pigment Type:  Synthetic organic + synthetic inorganic
  • Pigment Composition:  Arylide yellow, naphthol carbamide, and titanium dioxide.
  • Lightfastness:  Not Rated
  • Toxicity:  Non-Toxic

Available in the following Stoneground Mint Gardener palettes: Splendid 12, Luxury 24, Custom 6 (Autumn 2023).


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