ENK10 Enkaustikos Hot Stick Anthraquinone Orange

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Anthraquinone Orange is a single pigment paint that is a deep, rich, semi-transparent orange with a very high tinting strength. This paint is an excellent addition to the palette where the desire is to mix vibrant transparent colors. Because of the transparent nature of this pigment, glazing is easily achieved. Mixing with other transparent colors such as Bismuth Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Red or Magenta will result in extremely intensely vibrant hues. Add a touch of white for instant cooling effects. Mixed with its compliment of Phthalo Blue Green Shade will result in the darkest chocolate tones; an optical black.

Pigment: PO43, Anthraquinone Orange

Opacity: Semi-Transparent

Lightfastness: I

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