CHY1063 Chiyogami Dots


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Chiyogami Dots

At long last we present the Chiyogami Design Competition 2020 winning pattern!  Artist Cate Maguire created the winning design. What may appear as grey, is actually silver metallic!

Size: 8″ x 18″

Japanese Paper Place Chiyogami

These luscious, vibrantly coloured Chiyogami papers are hand-printed using the silk-screen technique. In this laborious process each colour is applied using a separate screen. Sometimes as many as 12 colours, including gold or other metallic colors, may be used to create a single pattern.

Often inspired by textile and kimono patterns which include symbolic and seasonal motifs, designers of chiyogami continue to expand the options to ever-new heights. Cranes for longevity, bamboo for flexibility, cherry blossoms for the fleeting nature of life, and pine boughs for perseverance are a few of the hundreds of symbols printed in endless colours and combinations.


  • Size: 8″ x 18″
  • Weight: 70 g

More patterns can be special ordered. See the Japanese Paper Place website for a full listing of available chiyogami patterns. Also available by special order: Full sheets 24 x 36″. Contact us to order.

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