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GÉDÉO HARD PLASTER (Precision Plaster) 1KG

Hard Plaster – plaster for artistic casts, provides precision and strength. Its coarser grain and its porosity make it easy to paint.

• Hard

• Fine

• Clump-free and easy to paint

• Very good value for money

Recommended mixing :

2.5 volumes of powder to 1 volume of water.

Demoulding: 30 minutes

Preparing the plaster :

Pour the water into a large container. Scatter the plaster over the entire surface of the water. Allow the plaster to absorb the water for 1-2 minutes without mixing. Then mix gently and let the air bubbles rise. Never add water after mixing. Slowly pour the plaster along the side of the mould. For complex shapes, empty and start a second time.

Tips :

  • Cold water slows the setting of the plaster, hot water or beating accelerates it.
  • To speed up drying, place the object for a few moments in the microwave oven.
  • Milk mixed with water will polish the object giving it a marbled appearance.
  • Add an acrylic color to the water to color the plaster in the mass. Widespread in the preparation, it will give marbled effects.

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