Art Alternatives Stainless Steel Loop Tool


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Art Alternatives Stainless Steel Loop Tool

This stainless steel loop tool is ideal for trimming wheel-thrown vessels, and hollowing out sculptures. An incredibly useful tool for beginners to professionals. Use this versatile loop tool on your next pottery project!

Spring-tempered steel shapes set in thick, tapered, short wooden handles. Use them to trim or refine the shape and control the wall thickness on greenware. Pottery loops are usually used for removing clay from hand-built or wheel-thrown clay and ceramics. These tools feature large loops, whereas you may use smaller, often double-ended, ribbon tools for more detailed work.

Wire loop tools are also great for scraping work in encaustic painting.

This clay trimming tool is approximately 5″ long.


  • Durable stainless steel ribbon loop
  • Loop is 1.75″ wide
  • Features a hardwood handle

Art Alternatives Stainless Steel Loop Tool

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