Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil Pastels 12 packs


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Sakura Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil Pastels

Intensely colored and long-lasting, Cray-Pas Junior Artist pastels are used in classrooms worldwide for introducing young artists to the creative process. Specially formulated for easy color layering and blending, these oil pastels achieve oil painting effects without the mess of actual oil paint. Many teachers prefer them over ordinary wax crayons because they provide a wide range of effects and techniques for skill development. These Cray-Pas Junior sticks are available in packs of 12 in either black or white, perfect for the classroom. These small oil pastel sticks measure 8 mm wide x 60.8 mm long.

Young artists blossom with creamy, smooth color that they can smear, blend, dot, over-lap and mix. Great for helping students learn how to hold a stick to achieve different strokes – either as a pencil, clenched in a fist or on its side. Scratch and stencil art are also possible with these versatile pastels!

Sakura Cray-Pas oil pastels can create oil paint effects, will not peel, crack or flake, are easily blend-able, and are safe for children. The round shape of Cray-Pas Junior Artist pastels is easy to hold, and are great for drawing, lettering, scratch art, and long lasting sidewalk art.

cray-pas junior blackcray pas oil pastel

Teachers love to buy extra Whites and Blacks. Are you looking for project ideas for oil pastels? Visit our How To Library.

Oil Pastel: Dog Caricatures 

Oil Pastel: Scraffito

Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil


  • Creative drawing
  • Resist art
  • Scratch art and dot art
  • Wall art and stenciling art
  • Card and craft projects
  • Long lasting sidewalk art

Technical Qualities:

  • Capable of creating oil paint effects
  • Easy to blend and consistent color hue within sets
  • Free of tree-nut oils, soy, wheat, oat, barley, animal oils or waxes, dairy, casein, or egg ingredients
  • Latex Free
  • Black and white regular size sticks are available individually
  • Stick size: 8 mm wide x 60.8 mm long
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed
  • Not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin
  • Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards

Additional information

Cray-Pas 12 Packs

Black, White

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