Colour Wheels


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Colour Wheels

The Color Wheel Co. Color wheel provides a simple, visual aid for illustrating and teaching color relationships. It is a basic tool used by teachers, students, artists and anyone making color selections. Includes: grey scale, tints, tones, shades, and results of mixing colors, plus illustrations of color harmonies. It also defines primary colors, secondary colors, warm and cool colors, basic terms and more.


  • 5″ (5-1/8″) Diameter
  • 9 1/4″ Diameter

This visual guide to color mixing illustrates color relationships through a series of windows and color tones on a moveable wheel. Master your understanding of harmony within color relationships, complementary colors, variation of tones and the triadic approach to colors. The front of the wheel shows the result of mixing the primary, secondary and tertiary colors with the primaries plus black and white. The back of the wheel shows color relationships, tints, tones and shades. The wheel includes a gray scale and definitions of common terms.


  • Interactive tool
  • Includes a gray scale and definitions of common terms
  • Conveniently portable

color wheel

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Colour Wheels

5", 9 1/4"

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