Jacquard Professional Screen Ink Extender


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Jacquard Professional Screen Ink Extender

This water-based screen printing ink is specially formulated to provide an extended open time in the screen, allowing you ample time to work. Explore the opportunity to work with more colors without the ink drying in the screen. Achieve higher resolution printing without fear of clogging screens. Use this Jacquard Professional Screen Ink Extender to make your colors go further, or increase transparency.

This professional quality screen printing ink is permanent on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, including fabric, paper and vinyl. Open time on the screen has been greatly extended, giving printers more working time without in-screen drying.

Size: 16 oz jar

Jacquard Pro Screen Print Inks are archival and lightfast, with superior resolution and excellent coverage. They won’t buckle artist papers, and the finish is a beautiful, durable, practically scuff-proof semi-gloss. They are dry cleanable and extremely wash-fast after heat setting on fabric. These screen inks will also air cure after 72 hours.

The full Jacquard Professional screen ink palette includes process colors, semi-transparent colors, opaque hues and reflective metallic colors. Clean up is easy with soap and water.

Jacquard’s professional screen printing ink line also includes several auxiliaries, including Screen Ink Discharge Additive, Softening Additive, Jacquard Screen Life. and Puff Additive.


Jacquard Professional screen printing ink is intended for screen printing, block print, as well as relief printing.


For use with natural or synthetic fabric, paper, vinyl, wood, leather, metal, plastic, and more!

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Size oz

16 oz

Size oz

16 oz

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