Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid


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For use in the Drawing Fluid & Screen Filler Screen Print Method (Tusche – resist or “positive method”)

Drawing Fluid/Screen Filler Method: The direct block-out or “Negative Method” using Screen Filler is a simple means of preparing a screen for printing. Drawing fluid is painted onto the screen in the desired pattern or image, creating a resist where printmaking ink will not print through the screen. Once dry, Screen Filler can be applied around the drawing fluid to block out large areas of the screen that you do not wish to print. This allows screen printing ink to be forced through the screen wherever Drawing fluid or Screen Filler has not been applied.

Clean up – removal:
Speedball Speed Clean™ is preferable for removing drawing fluid and screen filler, although you may also use One (1) cup of Arm & Hammer’s Washing Soda dissolved in one (1) gallon of water is also suitable. Instructions are:

Apply to both sides with paintbrush. Scrub with a nylon bristle brush.
Apply again to both sides. Let stand in a horizontal position for three to five minutes.
Scrub with a nylon bristle brush while spraying with a forceful stream of hot water.

Available in 8 oz or 32 oz jars.

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32 oz, 8 oz

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