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Gamblin Relief Inks are formulated for all relief techniques, including woodblock, linocut, monotype, and Solarplate. They contain the right amount of stiffness and tack to hold fine detail yet spread evenly on the block or plate. The palette of ten colors is designed to give artists intense pure pigmented colors straight from the jar, along with a wide range of color mixing capabilities.

Monotype printmaking, the most painterly of printmaking techniques, is very popular. While most painters and printmakers working in this process learn how to make any kind of ink work, the viscosity of Gamblin Relief Inks makes them ideal for monotype printing processes.

Gamblin Relief Inks are all bound in the highest quality Burnt Plate Oil.

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Portland Intense Black: Portland Intense Black is a deep rich black with a cool undertone.

Pigment: Carbon Black (PBk7), Ferri-ammonium ferrocyanide (PB 27:1)
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil
Series 1, OPAQUE, MSDS

Hansa Yellow Light: Hansa Yellow Light is a cool yellow. Cleaner in masstone, brighter in tint and more transparent than a Cad Yellow Light. Excellent for mixing intense oranges and greens.

Pigment: Arylide yellow (PY 3)
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil

Sepia: Sepia is a warm earth color in both its’ masstone and transparency.

Pigment: Bone Black (PBk9), Transparent Mars Red (PR101)
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil
Series 2, OPAQUE, MSDS

Napthol Scarlet: Intense warm modern red.  Mixes clean bright oranges.

Pigment: Napthol AS-OL (PR9)
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil

Quinacridone Red: Cool lightfast modern red with high key tint. Useful in place of Alizarin Crimson where more intense masstone and mixtures are desired.

Pigment: Quinacridone red b (PV19)
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil


Phthalo Blue: 

Prussian Blue: First synthetic color of the Industrial Revolution, discovered by accident in 1704 while a chemist was trying to formulate artificial crimson. Warm blue with more muted tint than Phthalo Blue. It has a high tinting strength, is lightfast, and is especially beautiful in its transparency.

Pigment: Ferri-ammonium ferrocyanide (PB 27:1)
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil

Phthalo Green: A dark bluish green more closely resembles Verdigris than Viridian. First manufactured in 1927, Phthalo Green has a very high tinting strength and transparency.

Pigment: Chlorinated copper phthalocyanine (PG 7)
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil

Titanium White: Reflecting 97.5% of all available light, this is most opaque white pigment.

Pigment: Titanium dioxide and a small quantity of zinc oxide (PW 6, PW 4)
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil
Series 1, OPAQUE, MSDS

Transparent Base: Transparent Base can be added to ink to increase transparency of a color while maintaining the inks stiffness and tack.

Pigment: Calcium Carbonate
Vehicle: Burnt Plate Oil

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Gamblin Relief Inks

Hansa Yellow Light, Napthol Scarlet, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Portland Intense Black, Prussian Blue, Quinacridone Red, Sepia, Titanium White, Transparent Base

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