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Introducing ARNHEM 1618, a premium 100% rag printmaking paper created by Schut Papier, a paper mill located near the city of Arnhem, Holland that has been producing fine art paper since 1618. The paper is extremely versatile. It is appropriate for a variety of techniques and media. Arnhem 1618 is appropriate for all printmaking media – from our own water-based inks to traditional oil-based inks, the paper’s strong and absorbent fibers accept multiple layers of ink brilliantly. It can be printed dry or damp. Note: Soaking or dampening time will vary and may not be necessary, depending on the process, technique, or preference of the artist.

Arnhem 1618 paper offers a semi-smooth surface with a substantial feel to the touch. The subtle grain combined with a smooth appearance allows a variety of media to take to the paper, while remaining a reliable surface for intricate detail. Arnhem’s strong and highly absorbent fibers make it ideal for dry or damp printing, allowing it to accept multiple layers of ink brilliantly.

320 gsm, 120 lbs, 22 x 30″

For shipping orders, please order a minimum of 10 sheets to avoid damage.

Watch the video below. You will see how beautifully Arnhem takes printmaking inks. Are you interested in Akua Printmaking Inks?

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Black, Grey, Kraft, Warm White

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