Zoltan Szabo Covered Palette

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The Zoltan Szabo Covered Palette was designed by the master watercolourist himself. It has slanted mixing wells to give total control of the amount of water in the mix. It is designed to provide large wells for large brushes. 16 color wells hold colours and 8 wells provide compact, deep wells for mixing. Additionally, the molded plastic form has rounded edges so as not to “eat” your brushes. Also, the lid can serve as an extra large mixing area. The Zoltan Szabo palette measures about 8-1/2″x12″

Palette is shipped empty. Here is an image showing how much paint the palette can hold. You can also see the size in relation to 1” and 2” brushes. Note: Mr, Szabo lays his colour warm on top and cool on the bottom. Light on the right and dark on the left.

Zoltan Szabo palette


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