Gamblin Oil Painting Must Haves


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Gamblin Oil Painting Must Haves

What is the best painting medium to use? The “best” painting medium is the one that is best for your process and your work. Gamblin Oil mediums are true to historic working properties. Safer. More Permanent. This new Oil Painting Must Haves medium tester set has everything you need to start painting, clean-up, and varnish your finished work. Includes 6 Gamblin oil mediums so you can give them a try and find your perfect match.

All painting mediums affect oil colors from the tube in the following ways: they modify the working properties of the paint, influence drying rates, increase transparency and alter the surface quality (glossy to matte). The difference from one painting medium to the next is how they do these things.

Keep in mind that all Gamblin mediums are compatible with each other. You might find that a mixture of a couple different mediums will give you the perfect working properties and drying rates for your work.

This set includes the following:

Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits 2oz

Gamsol is the safest solvent that allows oil painters to utilize all traditional painting techniques without compromise.

Linseed Oil – Refined (low acid) 2oz

Pressed from American flax seeds. This is as light and pure as industrially produced linseed oil can be made. Use in moderation to thin oil colors or as an ingredient in traditional painting mediums.

Solvent Free Gel 37ml

Solvent-Free Gel is made from safflower oil and alkyd resin with no solvent, and has a moderately fast drying rate. Of Gamblin’s oil mediums, Solvent-Free Gel is the densest, closely resembling the paint from the tube

Cold Wax 2oz

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium a mixture of natural beeswax (wax pastilles), Gamsol and a small amount of alkyd resin. Cold Wax Medium makes oil colors thicker and more matte.

Galkyd Lite Medium 2oz

Galkyd Lite thins oil colors and increases transparency and gloss. When used in moderation with oil colors, Galkyd Lite will retain brushstrokes.

Gamvar Gloss Varnish 2ozThe easiest way to make your painting look better.™

Gamvar Varnish saturates colors in your painting and gives your work a unified and protective surface. It can be easily and safely removed with Gamsol. Gamvar is virtually odorless and ready to apply.

Check out Gamblin’s helpful Mediums Guide for more help choosing the medium that is right for your project.

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