Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 12 Set


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Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 12 Set

This Staedtler Triplus Fineliner set of 12 features felt tipped markers with a superfine 0.3 mm tip. They are ideal for writing, drawing and colouring. These markers are the perfect companion for everyone who likes doing delicate writing or drawing in bright colours. This fun set comes in a clear plastic triangular case to hold all your markers on your desk or on the go.

This set features felt tipped markers with an ergonomic triangle barrel shape for fatigue-free writing and drawing. The silky, smooth barrel feels great to the touch. Triplus superfine, metal clad tips give an exceptionally precise line. With a line width of around 0.3 mm the fineliners are, as their name suggests, Staedtler’s thinnest triplus writing implements.

The water-based ink is washable out of most fabrics, so if you get it on your clothes it’s not a problem.


  • Fineliner markers with superfine, metal-clad tip
  • Ergonomic triangular barrel shape for relaxed and easy writing.
  • Extremely Durable
  • DRY SAFE and may be left without a cap for days without drying up.
  • Water-based ink washes out of many textiles.
  • Comes in a clear plastic stand-up case for easy access and storage
  • Line width approx. 0.3 mm


  • The 12 Color Triplus set comes in a clear plastic stand-up case for easy access and storage on your desk or on the go. Featuring 12 brilliant colors: Yellow, red, pink, blue, light blue, orange, green, light green, purple, brown, grey and black.

About Triplus Ergonomic Pens

The special thing about the triplus range is its ergonomic shape that allows for relaxed and easy writing without fatigue. The range’s triangular shape sits perfectly between the fingers and promotes a natural writing position. This relieves pressure on the muscles, even during prolonged use. The range is therefore ideal for people who do a lot of writing.

Made in Germany

The product range is manufactured completely in Germany, guaranteeing high quality. German engineering expertise gives triplus pens many technical advantages, such as DRY-SAFE technology.

DRY SAFE technology ensures high product reliability. Pens may be left open for hours or even days without drying out. This means that they will work perfectly even if you forget to put the cap back on.

Whether you’re writing, colouring, drawing or sketching, the triplus range has just the pen for you.

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