DecoArt Water Marbling Surface Prep 8oz


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DecoArt Water Marbling Surface Prep 8oz

Use this Water Marbling Magic Medium with Deco Art Water Marbling Acrylic paint to create mesmerizing patterns with marbling techniques. Dissolve this Marbling Surface Prep powder from DecoArt into warm water and soak into fabrics, or lightly sponge onto surfaces for greater color permanence.

This Surface Prep helps Water Marbling Acrylics stick to surfaces, allowing for better transference. Use it to prepare surfaces such as silk scarves, canvas, fabric shoes, and more.

Available in 8 oz. jars.

Instructions: Mix this easy to use powder with water and soak fabric or other surfaces in the solution to prep them for water marbling.

Water marbling is the art form of using paint on the surface of the water. DecoArt’s marbling paint creates mesmerizing patterns on paper or fabric, and features an easy drip tip for paint application. It is intended for indoor, multi-surface use with water marbling techniques.

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Historically, the art of paper marbling has been associated with book arts. The technique involves floating paints on the surface of a gel-like medium known as a marbling size. This floating design is then transferred onto paper or fabric. Each design is as unique as a fingerprint. Marbling is a great group activity!


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