Caran d’Ache Supracolor Aquarelle Watercolour Pencils

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SUPRACOLOR® SOFT AQUARELLE – The coloured pencil with a soft water-soluble lead, available in 120 colours. Thanks to its broad diameter, the soft lead of Supracolor Soft pencils are ideal for large-scale work. Faded out, blended with fingertips, textured by rubbing the lead on a piece of sandpaper or used as watercolors, these shades are suitable for a multitude of techniques. These qualities have made the Caran d’Ache Supracolor Soft water-soluble pencils popular with amateur artists, graphic designers, illustrators and fine art students since 1988.

Watercolor pencils have a core made of wax and color pigments that are miscible in water. They are used like classic colored pencils, but you can also go over your work with a wet paintbrush to obtain a watercolor effect. This technique can be used on part of your drawing or all over, making it possible to play with textures, for example by putting a first watercolor layer which you can draw over once dry.

Also available in sets.

Draw and wash: draw the subject with Supracolor watercolour pencils, then carefully work details or disperse the colours loosely with a moist brush. This brings out subtle tones and adds vibrancy to the subject.
Smudging: spray the drawing with water and smudge sections with a finger.
Powdered pigment: first draw the subject with a moist brush, then rub pigment off the pencil point onto the wet areas with sandpaper. Blow off loose pigment.


Premium FSC™ certified cedar wood

Hexagonal and encapsulated body

Colour number and name indicated at base of pencil


Water-soluble, soft and unbreakable lead
Diameter Ø 3.8 mm for clean and accurate lines
Excellent lightfastness and high pigment concentration



Watercolour, wash drawing, layering, shading, unlimited blending

Appropriate for mixed media techniques with coloured pencils, NEOCOLOR® wax oil pastels or gouache

Ideal for large-scale drawings with large areas of colour

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