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This handmade water-soluble graphite stick is made for large artistic projects in a range of water-soluble techniques. The 250g graphite stick contains a special blend of graphite and binders allowing it to be used wet or dry for drawing. A wide range of washes and grays ranging from the deepest blacks to subtle, transparent grays may be easily achieved. Draw and then use water to blend shadows. It is erasable once dry and great for adding texture and depth to sketches and watercolour paintings. Artgraf XL graphite challenges artists to create new forms of art expression in graphite and establish new frontiers for creativity.

The large chunk of graphite is embossed with a burlap bag texture to make it just that much more precious. It comes in a leather bag with a draw string. Available in a Graphite XL stick (7”x2”x1”).

Viarco is a family-owned business located near Porto in northern Portugal. They have developed unique and proprietary blends of graphite, carbon and binders to produce some of the highest quality sketching materials available to artists today.

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