Chinese Black Ink Stick 2oz


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Chinese Black Ink Stick

These dense and permanent Chinese ink sticks are waterproof as well as quick drying. They are shaped with elegant engravings and with beautiful hand painted decorations. Beautiful and traditional.

The black ink stick is dense black, permanent, as well as waterproof. When the ink is dry you can do wet mounting on rice paper. Additionally, it is quick drying, perfect for watercolour and calligraphy. Made of lamp black-kiln burned pine and tung oil pressed from tung nuts, hemp seed or soybean which is sifted through silk gauze, the stick is shaped with elegant engravings and with hand painted decorations.

When using these Chinese ink sticks, put some water in the ink stone, then rub over the stone’s level surface. Carbon particles will fall off and dissolve in the water to produce ink.

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