Unprimed #12 Cotton Duck Canvas, 72″ wide


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Artist ‘grade A’ cotton duck, unprimed numbered canvas. This roll is 72″ or 6 feet wide.

Cotton duck (from Dutch: doek, “linen canvas”), also simply duck, sometimes duck cloth or duck canvas, is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric. Duck canvas is more tightly woven than plain canvas. Cotton duck is used in a wide range of applications, from sneakers to painting canvases to tents to sandbags.

Numbered Duck fabric is woven with two yarns together in the warp and a two yarns in the weft. The table below accurately references the weight and number duck classification per square yard.

  • No. 12 (11.5 ounces per square yard or 390 grams per square metre): stretched artist canvas, furniture slip covers, light clothes
  • No. 10 (14.75 ounces per square yard or 500 grams per square metre): artist canvas, murals, shower curtains, painted floor cloths, hammocks, clothes covers, heavy bags, horse packs, storage bins
  • No. 8 (18 ounces per square yard or 610 grams per square metre): backpacks, painted floor cloths, tents, tarps, awnings, work clothes, clothes bags
  • No. 6 (21 ounces per square yard or 710 grams per square metre): utility bags, place mats, beltingNo. 4 (24 ounces per square yard or 810 grams per square metre): heavy-duty work clothes, hammocks, sand bags, director chairs, place mats, belting
  • No. 5 (23 ounces per square yard or 780 grams per square metre): heavy work clothes
  • No. 3 (26 ounces per square yard or 880 grams per square metre): sea bags
  • No. 2 (28 ounces per square yard or 950 grams per square metre): hatch paulins
  • No. 1 (30 ounces per square yard or 1,000 grams per square metre): floor & wall covering, sound absorption, equipment



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