Pebeo Gessoed Raised Edge Panels


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A new painting surface suited to the demands of contemporary artists РMDF* Rigid + gesso surface. Great for resin, pouring medium or any acrylic or oil painting.

  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and pinewood.
  • Melamine surface front and back
  • Properties and surface: it is rigid (unlike a canvas that is flexible), and waterproof.
  • The MDF surface is primed with a white Gesso coating. It is smooth (non-abrasive, unlike canvas with a grain-like appearance)
  • Frame thickness: 38 mm
  • Edge height: 3.7 mm
  • The Art Panel range of painting surfaces was created to meet the requirements of contemporary artists for painting usage. Artists are increasingly using mixed techniques in their creations, using markers and liquid products as well as classic paints.
  • Applying paint with a brush: the surface, which comes prepared with white Gesso, lends for the use of various gouache, acrylic or oil-based paints.
  • Applying paint with a painting knife or spatula: the surface is suitable for generous impasto techniques applied using with a brush or spatula.
  • Applying paint-type markers: the smooth surface and rigidity of Art Panel make it an ideal surface for using markers, including markers that can be primed. The non-abrasive surface preserves the tip of markers.
  • Applying paint and other fluids: the 3.7 mm high edge and the waterproofing of the Art Panel enable paints and other fluids to be poured on.
  • A fluid varnish or a resin can be easily applied to finish the piece.


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06×06", 10×10", 12×12"

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