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Octopus Write & Draw Ink Grey Fox 356

Drawing ink or fountain pen ink? Why not both? Octopus has reformulated the classic drawing ink so that you no longer have to choose! Octopus Write & Draw Grey Fox Ink is a drawing ink that can be used just like a classic fountain pen ink. It is smudge-proof and waterproof ink developed for daily use in fountain pens. This Octopus ink is unique in it’s wide range of colors. Graphic designers, illustrators, calligraphers and artists love to use them with calligraphy pens, glass pens or brushes for writing, sketching, and drawing. The ink dries waterproof in a very short time and may be over painted with a different color of ink or with watercolor.

Grab your pen, your nib, your brush… whether it’s calligraphy, hand lettering, or sketching, with this multifunctional drawing ink, nothing can stop your creativity!


  • 50 ml glass bottle
  • Vegan
  • Permanent
  • Waterproof
  • Opaque
  • High Lightfastness
  • Fountain Pen Safe

Each of the 38 brilliant colors feature intense luminosity and have been processed into a unique waterproof and lightfast formula, which is noticeable in the pleasant writing properties of the ink. In addition to a deep black and various shades of gray, the extensive color palette also includes a particularly opaque white, which can be used on dark backgrounds. Additionally, most of the colors are highlighter resistant.

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When developing this drawing ink, special attention was paid to its use in fountain pens. The use of the finest pigments in a carefully balanced formula ensures high lightfastness and a good, even flow of ink without clogging the ink feed of the fountain pen. These drawing inks meet the requirements for document-proof ink and are made exclusively with vegan ingredients.

Octopus Write & Draw ink is ideal for use both pure or diluted with water. Used undiluted, the waterproof ink features impressive opacity. The colors may be mixed with each other, or with water. In this way, countless color shades may be achieved for beautiful watercolor effects.

Fountain Pen Care:

In contrast to most other waterproof inks, Octopus Write & Draw ink can be used in fountain pens without hesitation. However, care should be taken not to let the ink dry out in the pen or nib. The water resistance of these inks is created with the help of a cross-linking binder, which cannot be easily removed once it has dried. Therefore, we recommend that you rinse and clean your writing instrument carefully after use to prevent the ink from drying out. Use the special Octopus Ink Cleaner for best results.

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