Italian Plus RGM Palette Knives


PLEASE NOTE:  THE PICTURE SHOWS EACH PALETTE KNIFE WE CARRY.  THEY ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY AND NOT AS A SET.   Choose the knife you want by palette knife number.  Prices subject to change.

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RGM Italian Plus Palette Knives

RGM Palette knives are high-quality painting knives, offered at a great price. RGM Italian Plus palette knives are manufactured of high-quality steel that is specially treated to protect the blade as well as improve the spread-ability of color. The ergonomic handles feature solid brass ferrules and handsome bubinga wood handles. Each blade is tempered and ground by hand to assure consistent flexibility and quality.

Painting knives allow you to incorporate linework, texture and patterns into your paintings. This high-quality painting knife features a large, rounded, elongated rectangular blade with a steel construction as well as a handsome bubinga wood handle. The blade has been specially treated to provide protection and improve the spread-ability of color.

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Sold individually.


  • Ergonomic handle with solid brass ferrules
  • High quality materials at an economic price
  • Hand-tempered, hand-ground blade assures consistent flexibility and quality
  • Flexible steel blade is off-set from the hardwood
  • Ergonomic handle for ease and use against a palette or canvas
  • Manufactured of high-quality materials by Italian artisans

rgm palette knives
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(Special orders may be placed for knives not found in our list)

**Prices subject to change without notice

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