da Vinci CosmoTop Spin Mottler 5080


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da Vinci Synthetic CosmoTop Spin Mottler 5080

da Vinci’s CosmoTop Spin Mottler features the finest, extra-smooth, synthetic hair. This soft mottler has excellent colour holding capacity. This brush has amazing capillary-action for drawing-up, holding and releasing water and colour. It gives the artist exceptional control while painting. Find more CosmoTop Spin brushes here.

Spin Synthetic brushes are good for watercolour, ink, gouache, and fluid acrylics. This mottler brush is also our favorite for varnishing.

The mottler is a short handle brush and is ideal as a wide wash brush because it provides amazing maneuverability.

Size Brush Widths:

  • Size 20 – 2 cm
  • Size 30 – 3 cm
  • Size 40 – 4 cm
  • Size 50 – 5 cm
  • Size 60 – 6 cm
  • Size 80 – 8 cm
  • Size 100 – 10 cm

CosmoTop Spin Mottler

Additional information

Brush Sizes mm

20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm

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