Amsterdam Gel Medium Matte


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Amsterdam Gel Medium Matte

The addition of gel medium to a paint allows for a clearer brush stroke/structure. Furthermore, all gels, pure or mixed with paint, due to their large adhesive capacity are ideally suited to incorporate materials such as sand, sawdust, paper, wood, stone, etc. in the paint. Amsterdam Gel Medium Matte is a little thicker than Amsterdam acrylic colours. Also available in a gloss finish.

Purpose: Increasing the viscosity and transparency of acrylic colours, reducing the gloss.

Composition: Acrylic resin dispersion, thickening compounds, matting agent (silica)


Milky white product, dries to a colorless and transparent finish.


  • Makes acrylic colors thicker
  • Increases the brush stroke
  • Enables the application in one stroke of extremely thick layers of acrylic colour
  • Also suitable for gluing all kinds of materials
  • Apply at temperatures above 10 °C
  • Do not freeze

Other Amsterdam Gels:

  • Heavy Gels – increases the brush stroke even further.
  • Extra Heavy Gels – apply very sharp structures and extremely thick layers.

amsterdam gel mediums

amsterdam acrylic gels

Amsterdam standard gel medium matte

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250 ml

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