Demco Acrylic Pouring Medium


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Demco Acrylic Pouring Medium

DEMCO EnCouleurs pouring medium is permanent and waterproof once dry. Mixed with fluid acrylic colors or colored inks, it makes it possible to obtain a colored, homogeneous and smooth film. Demco Acrylic Pouring Medium gives relief and shine to flat surfaces and creates a water drop effect when applied sparingly. It retains a high shine and a wet look when dry. This product can be used directly from the bottle without adding color for a thick varnish effect. In its pure wet state, the pouring medium will have a milky look, but will become completely clear and glossy when dry.

How to use:

Mix a few drops of fluid acrylic color or colored ink with a cup of DEMCO EnCouleurs pouring medium. Gently stir the color into the medium with a stick and leave for ten minutes to remove any air bubbles. Be sure to work on a level work table because if the surface is not flat, results will be uneven. The mixture can be poured directly onto stretched canvas, cardboard, as well as wood, and other painting supports. Pour evenly over the surface and allow to dry for at least 24 hours in a dust-free environment.

Additional information

Size ml

1L, 237ml

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