Holbein Modeling Pastes 300 ml Poly-Bag


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Holbein Modeling Pastes 300 ml Poly-Bag

Holbein Modeling Pastes are added to acrylic paint to enhance texture and increase volume to make colours go further. They can be used as a textured or toothy ground under paint, or mixed with acrylic colours. Holbein Acrylic Pastes are professional quality, non-yellowing, and non-cracking. Like all Holbein art materials, these mediums are formulated to meet some of the most stringent quality standards in the industry.

A unique feature of these pastes is how they are packaged. The freestanding poly-bags are tough, durable, and help save money. It is easy to squeeze out just the right amount gel. Then continue to squeeze it out to the last drop. The container can be flattened as gel is dispensed. Air is pushed out of the packaging to prevent product drying before you can use it. This means less waste. Plus the package shrinks as you use it making it easy for an acrylic painter to tote materials around. No more bulky jars.

To order gel, click on order box and select your choice from the pull-down menu.

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Holbein Modeling Pastes 300 ml Poly-Bag

Holbein Modeling Pastes:

  • Modeling Paste can be applied with a brush or palette knife to create impasto texture. It can also be troweled smoothly to create smooth grounds for drawing materials such as oil and soft pastels. Add acrylics to create a coloured surface, or use it to create a textured base for paintings. Modeling Paste is white and will lighten colors added to it.
  • High Solid Modeling Paste is stiffer and thicker than regular modeling paste. It allows for the creation of extra-thick forms and texture on your painting surface. This paste is white and will lighten colors mixed into it.
  • Light Modeling Paste is fluffier in texture and more flexible than Holbein’s other modeling pastes. It feels like liquid Styrofoam and is nearly weightless. You can build lots of texture and volume and not worry about the weight of your artwork when it comes time to ship or hang your work. This paste is white and will lighten acrylics that are added to it. Use it as a base for acrylic paintings, on it’s own or mix it with acrylic colors.
  • Pumice Modeling Paste makes an especially good ground for pastel, with it’s fine grey grit. The addition of pumice granules lends a granular texture and results in a tooth similar to coarse sandpaper. Use it plain, as a textured base for acrylics or pastel, or tint it with acrylic colour.
  • Coarse Pumice Modeling Paste has larger particles of light grey grit like very coarse sand. It is a great special effect for modelling landscapes.
  • Extra Coarse Pumice Modeling Paste has chunky pumice particles and is naturally a light grey color. It is an all-purpose paste which can be used under acrylics for interesting texture and over-painted, tinted with acrylic colors, as well as used pure.

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Modeling Pastes

Coarse Pumice Gel, Extra Coarse Pumice Gel, High Solid Modeling Paste, Light Modeling Paste, Modeling Paste, Pumice Gel

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