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What inspires you to paint? Do you set deadlines and challenges for yourself? Kim Fjordbotten, the owner of The Paint Spot, set a goal to create a quick demo video every week for one year. “I am not teaching how to make art” says Fjordbotten, “I am showing what the paints can do in 1 minute or less. I am confident we can come up with 52 ways to move paint and colour without duplicating a single technique.”

A quick video, under 1 minute can really resonate. How do you like to see paint move? Chances are the techniques and paints you find the most interesting from this series of videos are the best ones for you to try. “We are often asked ‘What is the easiest way to start art?’ This is a fun question.” smiles Fjordbotten. “Each of our employees are working artists and each will give a different answer. For example, I am an acrylic painter and believe acrylics are the best because the paints are water-based, fast-drying and the most versatile for mixed-media. Yet another coworker will suggest starting with oils because oil paints are slow drying, stay wet for longer periods of blending and the colours are richer. The personality of the beginner is also important. Some beginners want traditional training starting with drawing and others want to jump right into abstract painting and skip drawing. Only you know what is best for you!

Videos are great way to share information and show what is new. If you live outside of Edmonton or can’t come to the shop every week for the free In-Store Demonstrations, we hope these online videos will become a visual adventure to look forward to every week.  Although the videos are short they often take hours to film, edit and produce – and its all done from an iPhone.

Wet Paint Wednesday started just 10 weeks ago. Subscribe to The Paint Spot’s YouTube Channel and stay tuned on Wednesday! Yes, we take requests too.

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