#Wet Paint Wednesday Videos IV

Our #WetPaintWednesday video adventure continues. I can’t believe we are nearly half way through this year-long project. There is no shortage of inspiration because requests come from customers, suppliers email ideas and my coworkers are always up to something. New materials can be found in every isle of our shop. Topics are picked on a whim and in-the-moment. Consequently, this grouping is a bit of a mixed-bag. Perhaps I should created a schedule? Then again, the creative process must meandering along where the muse may lead.

Sometimes a method or material needs a longer presentation. Here are the two most popular videos to date.
Pour some wine or make some tea then sit back and enjoy these free workshops.

#WetPaintWednesday Video I
#WetPaintWednesday Video II
#WetPaintWednesday Video III

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