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Washi Paper Art Talk with Japanese Paper Place

Inspiration meets realization when ideas and materials come together. In Japanese paper, washi, we have a truly inspiring range of versatile materials, from translucent tissue to hand-printed chiyogami, with a dazzling number of uses and applications. The Paint Spot is pleased and honoured to offer artists the opportunity to learn more about Japanese paper. Our guest from Toronto’s Japanese Paper Place, Pauline Huisman, will discuss the history of washi – still being made in Japan in traditional ways dating back centuries – its unique properties, and the many ways you can use it in your art. Pauline is also offering two related classes. Travel is enriching, they say. We say learning about new materials is, too, and so is learning more about familiar ones. You may not be traveling to Japan or Toronto, so we’re bringing the paper, the knowledge, and the inspiration to you.


RSVP for the ART TALK and Q&A    The presentation and paper sale will take place at Artelier Studios. Register to hold your spot for only $10 but we do  give back your money in the form of a coupon for $10 to spend on Japanese Paper! (It is really a free event). Expect to see several tables full of papers and full sheets of chiyogami ! It will be inspiring. The Paper Sale will continue back at The Paint Spot too.


(It’s a starch you can apply to paper!)
Paula Huisman

Saturday, June 23, 2018
$40 + GST
Fee includes all supplies!  

Do you know what konnyaku is and what it can do? (Hint: It is a plant from eastern Asia, also called ‘devil’s tongue’ or ‘voodoo lily’ in English!) You will want to take this fascinating class if you are curious to find out about konnyaku and how it can change paper. Paula says, “For the konnyaku workshop, it will be a hands-on exploration of the effects of konnyaku on various Japanese papers. If participants have scrap work on Japanese paper (failed prints, or drawings created with water-fast media) that they would like to use in the workshop I would encourage them to do so. I will talk about how to make konnyaku (but will bring some prepared because it really does need to sit overnight).  We will experiment with different crumpling, folding, crepeing and other ways of adding texture. I will have some examples and will talk about stitching the paper. It is unlikely that the paper would be dry enough for sewing within the timeframe of the workshop.” You will be able to take home your paper and sew it when it is dry.

Paula Huisman
Saturday, June 23, 2018
$70 + GST
Fee includes all supplies!  

Japanese paper is fascinating in its variety and remarkable in its versatility. This class is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Japanese paper through the hands-on approach! Create a little book of papers that you can take away and fill with your experiments in imagery and media. Paula says, “In my sample sketchbook workshop, I will provide high-quality handmade Japanese papers from each of the main paper-making regions in the country. Although the making of the book is a fairly simple procedure, with no book-binding experience required, the real value of the workshop will be in learning about the paper and having the opportunity, once the book is bound, to experience using these wonderful papers. I would like to encourage participants to bring their favorite drawing implements so that there can be a bit of experimental time at the end of the workshop.”

About the Instructor:  Paula Huisman is a member of the staff of the Japanese Paper Place in Toronto. She is an artist, poet, cloud watcher, and new-markets specialist with a focus on opening new eyes to the boundless creative possibilities inherent in their exquisite papers. You can read some of her writing at

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