Sculpt a Creature Contest

Sculpture Contest for Kids

Are the dog days of summer getting you down? Join us in beating the heat with our Sculpt a Creature Contest at The Paint Spot! This summer, we’re challenging youth to make a creature out of air-dry or polymer clay that we’ll display in store! This is the time to be creative, think unconventionally, and bend the rules! Will your creature be real, imaginative, or a mix of both? Will it have wings, feathers, scales, three heads, or ten eyes?

Kids love creating clay creatures
Most kids love creating imaginary creatures in clay. We would love to showcase their skills in this sculpture contest.

Here’s how the sculpture contest works:

  1. The contest is open to ages 15 and below, one entry per person!
  2. Create a character out of air-dry clay (Amaco, Das, Gedeo) or polymer clay (Sculpey).  
  3. The sculpture must…
    • stand by itself
    • fit in a 6×6” square
    • not exceed 10” in height
  4. Bring it in to The Paint Spot by Saturday August 13, 2022 at 6 PM.
  5. We’ll display it with all the others for 2 Weeks, with
  6. Voting open to the public and the artists on staff. (One vote per person).

Winners will be contacted on August 29 and announced online by August 30.

Sculpture Contest Prizes! (plus bragging rights!)

The sculptures by the kids will be on display for 2 weeks at The Paint Spot. Artist cards with display the child’s first name and age. Family and friends are invited to cast their votes and help us select the winners of the contest. Images of kids are will be shown in our Instagram and Facebook pages.

  • 1st – Super Sculpey 8 lb (or value $200 on a Paint Spot Gift Card)
  • 2nd – Amaco Air-Dry Clay 25 lb (or value $50 on a Paint Spot Gift Card)
  • 3rd – Amaco Air Dry Clay 10 lb (or value $25 on a Paint Spot Gift Card)

Top 4 Picks: Easy-to-use and affordable clays for kids

Air Dry Clays for Kids.
Air-Dry and Polymer Clays for kids are just a few of the prizes to win.

Sculpture supplies for the classroom.

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