Instructor: Yaroslav Germanov

Yaroslav Germanov

Yaroslav Germanov is a chemist, communicator, and creator of Nerpa Polymers.

About Nerpa Polymers:

Established in Calgary, Nerpa Polymers is a small enterprise formulating and manufacturing polymer coating and casting products in-house to produce high-quality materials supported by technical expertise. Their mission is to build a sustainable organization where innovation drives the production of environmentally friendly materials to assist you in realizing your dream project.

Nerpa strives to be transparent and authentic with their products and how they achieve the result. For a long time, they saw statements like “the best epoxy,” “the safest resin,” and “the greenest approach.” Nerpa’s chemistry and chemical engineering background allowed them to deconstruct these statements and determine where they are misleading and serve the sole purpose of increasing sales. The idea of transparent epoxy manufacturing process was their inspiration to develop Nerpa Polymers Epoxies.

Here are some of the many reasons to love Nerpa Polymers:

  • Bio-based materials
  • Renewable carbon content
  • Nonylphenol free
  • 2-stage UV protection
  • Zero chemical waste in manufacturing
  • No VOC solvents in manufacturing
  • Raw material recycling
  • Made in Alberta
More Information:

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