White Nights Watercolours

White Nights Watercolours

Nevskaya Palitra White Nights watercolours have been a favorite among several generations of professional artists. These watercolour paints are made from finely ground pigments and are bound by gum arabic as well as honey. Three quarters of the paints in this range are made from single pigments. The high concentration of pigment ensures an extremely intense color tone in the paint. These watercolours have a soft consistency, which enables them to easily lift colour from the semi moist pans.

About Nevskaya Palitra White Nights Watercolour

This world famous brand of artists quality watercolour paints has been produced in Russia by the St Petersburg Company since 1934. White Nights Watercolour are extra fine watercolours, manufactured using the highest grade of the finest pigments, gum arabic and honey. The whole spectrum of colours are strong, and easily mixable, as well as lightfast.

Previously known as 3K and Yarka watercolours, these watercolours have a soft consistency. This enables the artist to easily lift the colour from the large pans. This is due to the fact they are truly liquid poured, semi-moist whole pans, rather than extruded.

These artist quality watercolors are highly recommended for beginners with a preference for pans. They have been a favorite of amateur and professional artists alike for many years, due to their outstanding value for money.

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