Authentic Books by SMLT Art

Authentic Books by SMLT Art

SMLT Art – Open, independent & socially responsible brand with unique attitude to products, people and business.

Since 1994, SMLT Art is an independent company in Lithuania with no intentions of becoming large and faceless corporation. They chose another path – harder, but much more rewarding. To be free, flexible and able to make proper and responsible decisions very quickly. As a result, they are a small, brave company with really BIG ideas. A company that is at the same level as its end users, drawing artists.

SMLT Art products stand out with their authentic, minimalist design, naturalness, attention to detail, functional solutions, carefully selected raw materials as well as quality. Products are developed in consultation with consumers and artists.

When creating each new product, they first and foremost ask, what makes this product stand out? What makes it different? What makes it better? The strategy of creating and producing “different & better” products is also related to SMLT’s business goals. They strive to be exceptional, working for the needs of consumers. This is why they have chosen this path, rather than “producing the same, but cheaper”.

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